This book arose out of essays written during the months of April and May 2003, through the heart wrenching period of invasion and merciless bombing of Iraq under the Machiavellian deception of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. References to concurrently occurring events that are not specifically dated are during this period.

I have endeavored to check and double check all the facts presented here, and sources of all the quotes when possible. I use ~ before a quote to indicate that it is an approximate quote when I am not sure of the exact wording as it's from memory, but it has publicly been reported on; it is more than a paraphrase and close to the actual wording, but may not be exact in every letter. The purists may treat it as a paraphrase.

Unlike most Current Affairs books that are written after extended research with the objective of writing a book, this book came about quite extemporaneously. All the research for it being the life time of experience in America. These essays came out of my mind quite spontaneously, partially as a cathartic reaction to the FBI visiting my home twice in March/April 2003. The central part of it being written over a concentrated period of 18 – 20 hour days of furious typing for ten consecutive days in April 2003, right after the second visit from the authorities. It took another month of intense day and night editing and elaboration through May 2003, to make it into this book form. The war time facts cited here are current only through April 2003. Some of these facts and quotes are obviously only as accurate as the original sources of information. All facts and quotes are publicly reported, and most are empirical observations publicly available for anyone on the planet to perceive.

The purpose of this work is mainly to connect the dots; to demonstrate with rational logic and commonsense reasoning, that two plus two equals four and not five, even when the emperor might insist so. This work is a public stand by an ordinary person against ignorance and deception, against the perpetuators of the most heinous and murderous Machiavellian game in history.

It is a direct message from my heart, to the other ordinary, peaceable, non-Zionist, non-empire-building, non-crusading mainstream American people.

This is a time of deep anguish for me. What is clearly visible to me as fraud and deception, makes the murder of innocent civilians through some sort of “official sanction” of “Shock and Awe” acceptable to the majority of this nation. How can this be? I have found myself discussing with my American friends even the simple ABC's of their own history of lies and deceit by their government, all of which seems to have been magically erased from their memories as they line up to salute their flag “United We Stand”. To that slogan I often feel like adding United We Stand For Tyranny Through Ignorance, for I cannot bring myself to believe that the majority of American people, amongst whom I have lived quite content for almost a quarter century, are a nation of barbaric conquerors out to impose their will on others.

For the first time in my life, along with my family, I find myself participating in protest marches in the streets of America voicing my dissent against the war, including in the historic protest march in February 2003, where over 10 million people world wide said NO to George Bush – but could not stop the invasion of Iraq as the President summarily dismissed them as only a “focus group”. The failure to stop the war was very frustrating, and I felt like shouting out to mainstream America to get out in the main streets of America and protest the crimes of their emperor – especially when only they, in sufficiently large numbers, can stop him. The FBI visits somehow became just the catalyst for me to bring this message to the American public.

Due to this message being written through war time coverage, the facts and figures will likely change over time as new updates and situations arise. The central thesis of this message however will not change. It is really up to the American public themselves to break out of their prison of ignorance and gullibility, to shatter the chains holding them captives as prisoners of the cave. Until the American people wake up and reclaim their democracy and their country from the special-interest cabal running it, this book will likely remain current regardless of who might occupy the White House in the future.

It also does not matter who is finally appointed to administer Iraq, or how it is administered. It will remain a client-state of the New American Century. The ideas outlined in the PNAC study will be closely followed. Thus it is easy to predict what they will attempt to do to Iraq: to remake it in the mold of Turkey's capitalist economy, away from its Arab roots and heritage; to create a governing structure that is not inimical to the interests of the American-Zionist hegemony, with the majority of its wealth and its consumer markets going into the coffers of the American multinational corporations, and control of oil staying in the direct or indirect control of the American policy makers. Will the people of Iraq defeat them? Will the American public wake up and come to their rescue? It is my faith, and my hope, that the answer is a yes! The battle plan is to do the same with other countries in the region, if they don't. To know what comes next, read their own imperial words; use a bit of commonsense to judge facts; reach conclusions based on evidence and not vague feelings of false patriotism; and act before it is too late!

The title of this book is obviously inspired by Plato. The title of Part-2 is inspired by William Shakespeare's character Lady Macbeth, whose guilty conscience for the crime of murder drove her insane as she repeatedly tried to cleanse the blood off her hands, but it would not go away. And she had not even committed the dastardly deed herself. But she was actively complicit in it. Her husband advised her “Be Innocent of Knowledge” (Macbeth 3:2:45), i.e. pretend that you don't know anything about it, and perhaps that might ease your burden. But her conscience would not allow her to lie to herself, once the knowledge of the crime was already in her mind. To sleep “holily” at night is to have a dead conscience. The Shakespearean term “holily” is used here in a slightly different sense from that used in Macbeth: “Yet I have known those which have walked in their sleep who have died holily in their beds.” (Macbeth 5:1:47-49). It is instructive to reflect on this insightful line by Shakespeare, and ponder its many levels of meaning. See how many Nobel Peace Prize winners might it apply to. It is a shame that Shakespeare is not studied more as a social scientist and father of all psychoanalysts, predating Freud by several centuries, for his shrewd insights into the human condition and plight of power. The famous quote “All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand” (Macbeth 5:1:41), is of course symbolic of a guilty conscience, that will simply not go away – a merciful gift to humanity to help us police ourselves.

I am betting that when knowledge of the crime of the emperor comes to them, and their complicity in it is realized by them, that like Lady Macbeth, the American public will be torn by their good conscience, that they will be as unable to remain “innocent of knowledge” as Lady Macbeth, and will endeavor to right the wrongs done in their name by their successive governments. As Arundhati Roy put it in a speech: “Yours is by no means a great nation – but you could be a great people – history is giving you the chance – seize the time.” I am betting that the conscience of its own people will prove to be the real fifth column in the United States of America. Perhaps somewhat idealistic, but it is precisely ideals that seem to be lacking in the collective wisdom of this nation, where mostly everything is viewed from the distorted prism of the pragmatic, the expeditious, the instantly gratifying, and the “might makes right” imperial sight. Its injection into the American polity cannot be a bad thing. I don't expect everyone to necessarily agree with my work, the point of it being not to make you agree with me, but to motivate you into examining your invisible chains in the hope that if you earnestly look for them, you will likely find them.

The quote “It will have blood, they say: blood will have blood” (Macbeth 3:5:121) is the cycle of retribution that Israelis and the Palestinian are projected to be caught in. The question not very often asked in America, is what is the cause of this revenge cycle – the Israeli occupation of Palestine, or Palestinian occupation of Israel? A struggle for independence from an oppressive occupying military force is always projected in the American media as only a revenge cycle of senseless violence, with the stone throwing Palestinians responsible for starting it, and Israel only acting in self defense! The purposeful provocations – for “What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times” as stated by David Ben Gurion, one of the pioneering founders of the state of Israel, remain unmentioned. The preferential treatment of Israel by American politicians and the American press, and the delicate way in which the American society today approaches any and all issues which involve the Jewish people, is to the significant credit of the Zionists whose influence permeates America, and to the significant detriment of the Jews themselves, the proud inheritors of a moral tradition that is being trampled afoot by criminals whose only religion is Eretz Israel, and (neo) Zionism.

Only approx. 4 million Jews live in Israel, the rest, somewhere between 20 to 40 million according to some estimates, live in all parts of the world, in almost all civilizations and nations. This larger identity of the Jews is now getting besmirched by the crimes of Israel against the Palestinians, and this will surely come to haunt them in the future. A wake up call to my cousins and brothers in Semitic heritage, descendants of the same Abrahamic traditions and believers in the same Prophets (at least up to Moses, peace be upon him), whose new alliances with their own oppressors of the past, to avenge themselves on the innocent Muslims, their own benefactors in the past, is not lost to anyone in the world, least of all to the Muslims. Powers of state rise and fall, the people however do live on beyond that. The seeds of poison now sown, will be reaped in abundance by the generations downstream, and instead of offering prayers for their ancestors, remain mindful, that they may offer a curse. This is a lesson to be remembered by all of us, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and all the rest of people – including emperor George Bush.

In his Christian fanatic zeal to bring on Jesus, and in his gullibility in being manipulated by his Neocon handlers to bring “Infinite Justice” to the “evil doers”, Bush is only using the Zionists to his own ends, as much as they are using him to fund their military and endorse their continued annexation of more and more Palestinian lands. And in so doing, George Bush is performing a major disservice to the Jews as a people. Especially a historically victimized people at the hands of fanatic Christians, all the way down to World War II. And now, by shaking hands with Ariel Sharon and calling him a “man of peace”, Bush is once again victimizing the Jewish people in World War IV. Conversely, the handful of Neocons who are predominantly Zionist Jews are taking the peoples of the United States of America for a ride of deception toward world conquest for Zion at the expense of the blood of America’s sons and daughters. Amazing synergy here with each thinking they have the upper hand. Sometimes Bush scares me, for what if he really is the mule (Isaac Asimov’s character)? That could spell the end of the Jews and Zion and the rest of the world for his only interest is Armageddon! But for those on the receiving end now, it is already Armageddon.

Don't think that these images of death and destruction are not seen around the world. While the American public might appear dumb and muted, the rest of the world is not – even though their leaders are silent bystanders to the mayhem in Palestine. Instead of supporting Bush, which many seem to be doing, the majority of the Jews in America should be adding to the minority of conscionable Jewish voices of dissent, and all of them should be openly and very loudly calling for his public trial for war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, along with Ariel Sharon. With their incredible power and influence in America, as perceived by most people outside America, even by the Israeli public and the Israeli politicians themselves – that they control America and its public opinion – the American Jews can collectively take a moral and courageous stand against this inhumanity being done in their name.

For the Jews to stay silent bystanders today, will impose on them the same curse of Elie Wiesel that they impose on the Nazis: “I still curse the killers, their accomplices, the indifferent spectators who knew and kept silent.” But far worse than that; victims have long memories transcending generations.

To appreciate this truism, all the Jews have to do is to look at their own memories through 2000 years of Diaspora. Wake up Jews of America! Join Rachel Corrie in reclaiming your heritage and your inheritance, as the chosen and moral people of God – for such an endowment is not without its responsibilities. Nor is such a momentous endowment, an absolution from all moral duties, as the Jewish moralists themselves will frequently remind their flock wont to forgetting. This perversion of supermorality that has transpired in your ethos will be your undoing. Recognize it and dismantle it yourselves. Just think what Samson option means – it means your own destruction along with the enemy. What if the enemy is willing and they are plentiful? You perish my friends and brothers, for if that is the price of getting rid of the handful of Machiavellis and Shylocks from our midst that is the source of our perpetual misery and oppression, it may be considered an honorable Faustian bargain by many. Your best and guaranteed survival as for all the rest of us in an amicable and prosperous existence is only through your dismantling the Apartheid Der Judenstaat in Palestine, returning it to its original inhabitants, and hanging your own supercriminals in the same kind of trials as those held for Eichmann in Jerusalem. Only that can begin to atone for what you did in Palestine and what your supercriminals have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, and are planning to do to the rest of the world. Do it now – for it will be done one day anyway but at much greater cost if history is any guide.

In exercising my “inalienable” free speech rights for the first time in my life, I am unaware that I have crossed any limits, or that indeed there are any “limits” to telling the truth. There certainly don’t seem to be any for lies and deception. I have endeavored to speak freely and honestly, despite the prevailing climate of repression in the United States, and despite caution from attorneys that since the passage of the Patriot Act, there is no freedom of speech for US permanent residents. They can lock me up or deport me at their whim, if they choose to – a legal right they have acquired through the passage of the Patriot Act.

I only speak for myself and make no representation on behalf of anyone else. It has not been my intent to offend anyone, but it has also not been my intent to fear speaking the truth for the sake of offending someone. If you are offended by mere words, imagine the offenses your bombs have wrecked on the tabula rasa of innocent peoples. Silence is the “banality of evil” that will only incur this wrath upon me: “I still curse the killers, their accomplices, the indifferent spectators who knew and kept silent.”

Writing this book has been my own humble and 'lesser Jihad' against these primal merchants of death. So I suppose I must be a 'jihadi' too.

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