Part-2 The Innocent of Knowledge

© Zahir Ebrahim

April – June 2003


The majority of the American public appears quite unconcerned about their loss of civil liberties, the passage of the USA Patriot Act, and the barbaric bombings of two civilizations in this “war on terrorism” – what James Woolsey, the former director of CIA, quite candidly referred to as “World War IV”. The American public appears to be rooting and cheering their leaders louder with each bombing mission for the homeland! The images they see on their television screens is one of Iraqi children garlanding the American soldiers – but no body bags, neither of the Americans, nor of the victims. Is this eerily reminiscent of an era that was mercifully thought to be over? How did we get here? Why do they hate us? Why don't they hate us more? Why should General Colin Powell wave fictitious evidence in the UN and the entire American mainstream public stand up and salute in the finest tradition of the Third Reich – are we in the making of a Fourth Reich? Is this the 1930s revisited? Or is it “1984” belated? The analysis presented in Part-2 is the first of its kind to seek help from Plato, Shakespeare, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, to unravel the Machiavellian deception game being played on a gullible public. Is the American public invisibly chained like Plato's mythical cave dwellers, only seeing the carefully crafted images designed for them by the corporate media? Or are they merely being “Innocent of Knowledge”, as Macbeth might proclaim, of the barbaric devastation of nations and innocent people in their name as empire building and profiteering proceeds at full pace in the White House? Is “The Grand Chessboard” indicative of some deep strategic planning? Is there any empirical evidence of it in the events post 9-11? Why is there all of a sudden such vile and malignant propaganda against Islam? These issues are analyzed to deconstruct and dismantle this fictitious “war on terrorism”. If the mainstream American public only knew its reality, they would surely take their country back.

The events analyzed here are current only up to April 17, 2003. This book should be treated as a snapshot of life and thoughts in America as viewed autobiographically. Hence, when HolocaustTM remembrance is the mantra du jour in America, the book is minimally as objective as any Diary of Anne Frank, and as moral as any moral voice of anguish of Elie Wiesel.


The Plebeian antidote to Hectoring Hegemons

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