Chapter 10


.“We are made wise not by the recollections of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”

George Bernard Shaw

At the expense of being repetitious, it is once again instructive to reflect over the moral of St. Augustine's story of the pirate, responding to Alexander's question – for that is the essence of the reality behind the “war on terrorism”:

When the King asked him what he meant by infesting the sea, the pirate defiantly replied: 'the same as you do when you infest the whole world; but because I do it with a little ship I am called a robber, and because you do it with a great fleet, you are an emperor.'” (in St. Augustine's “The City of God against the Pagans”, Page 148)

In the entire public discussion on this “war on terrorism” and “World War IV” in the United States of America, this aspect of defining the “terrorist” has been starkly ignored. When President Bush stated: “Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done”, it might have helped him locate the terrorists a lot easier in his own backyard if he had only been well read enough to consult St. Augustine.

I sometimes feel optimistic that if President Bush were to become intimately acquainted with the definition of “terrorism” according to St. Augustine, he would fire all his advisors – forego the exemptions claimed by the United States against being indicted for war crimes in the World Court, and bring his entire Cabinet, including all the Zionist Neocon war mongers, the embedded reporters, the ubiquitous television and press stenographers, and the Zionist doctrinal scholars up on war crimes charges! He would irreversibly commit his nation to pay restitution for his war crimes to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, and then resign himself due to a guilty conscience the size of which would make Shakespeare proud (his decimated fingers would rewrite Macbeth) – and perhaps even spawn a new generation of Dostoyevsky (Crime and Punishment rewritten in the New American Century genre). This would be a Nobel Peace Prize truly well deserved, even as a lifetime resident in Guantanamo bay.

But alas, this simple failure to recognize the large motes in their own eyes has lead to countless thousands of innocent men women and children dead, and many more soon to meet the same fate at the hands of the self-righteous and all powerful neocolonial terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv.

That is the most bewildering thing about America. Deception is committed openly, even while evidence is there in plain sight, but only for those with the determination to plough through the deceit and spin doctoring propaganda that invariably surrounds all senses 24/7. The public only gets exposed to the truth a decade, or a century later – depending on the gravity of the crime, and the conscience of the people willing to risk exposing it. By then the destruction is complete, and many thousands have paid the ultimate price. Perhaps tears of incredulity are shed by all and sundry, both pundits and public alike, but mostly a detached statement of fact is recorded in history and current affairs books, without any expression of remorse, or attempt at restitution and compensation by the shocked nation. Then it all seems to begin again as if there was no history!

This process whereby the crimes of the emperor require enormous self incriminating proofs to convince the populace of imperial crimes, as well as for the media to air them, when the crimes are actually occurring and something can be done to stop them, has something terribly wrong with it. Emperors generally do not leave receipts behind. It is like looking for Hitler's written orders to Eichmann for gassing the Jews before being convinced that the Holocaust occurred! The concentration camps or the testimony of the victims aren't proofs enough? Yes they certainly are, but perhaps only when the emperor has been safely vanquished. For a reigning emperor, such empirical evidence of their wrong doing does not seem to be quite sufficient, and indeed usually suppressed. Otherwise it would threaten the reign of the emperor.

Anticipating this dilemma is perhaps why the framers of the American Constitution made the press, the prime watch dog over the government, by legally guaranteeing them free speech. A privilege and responsibility that the popular press seems to easily squander on mindless drivel and entertainment to keep the public happy in their basest desires. Their role in a democracy is not just “All the News That's fit to Print” as the New York Times motto always says on the upper left hand corner of its front page. It is to closely monitor and make the public continually aware of the inner workings of their government, even when it may not be deemed “fit to print” by those in power. When the popular press fails, democracy fails. And Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, the religious fanatics, the Zionist war mongering Neocons, and their patron saint Ariel Sharon, win!

According to Daniel Ellsberg who released the Pentagon papers showing the lies and deceit of the Nixon administration, had these secrets become known just a bit earlier by the public, hundreds of thousands of both Vietnamese and American lives could have been saved. Having met Daniel Ellsberg and been inspired by his speeches and entreaties to those within the corridors of power to leak secrets that will prove to the mainstream public that their leaders are spinning a Machiavellian deception yarn to wage “this war on terrorism”, I decided to make this entreaty to the common American folks to also use their own conscience to rationally evaluate what they already see, as they rise to salute the flag “United we stand” and watch the “Shock and Awe” of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The “imperial mobilization” and the emerging police state atmosphere is not an overnight phenomenon that just happened due to 9-11. It has required a host of diverse institutional structures and pieces to come together over many decades to make it possible. Taking the country back to its roots of a “populist democracy” requires a lot more than just defeating George Bush in the 2004 elections – although that is certainly a significant step in the right direction. But as I learnt in fifth grade in a school-play in which I had a small role, this one line that has stayed with me: “the mayor may come and the mayor may go, the town clerk goes on forever”; changing the front face in the White House will hardly change the power structure behind it.

The following are the essential preconditions that had to come true before this “imperial mobilization” could happen. Hence understanding and neutralizing them is essential for a more harmonious, equitable, and peaceful co-existence of America with the other nations of the world.

This is not a complete list, only an essential one:

I.1: Policy think-tanks and academic scholarship create long term imperial strategies in order to perpetuate America's preeminence and its 'natural' primacy prerogative upon others;

I.2: Congress makes laws to corporatize public airwaves – a for profit enterprise – that constricts a public commons held in trust by the Government for all its peoples into a tiny minority hands;

I.3: News media consequently falls into the hands of the military-industrial complex through consolidations and becomes beholden to the special-interests of the ruling elite;

I.4: The lobbying power of corporations and special interest groups control the law makers;

I.5: The political parties become beholden to special interests to get elected;

I.6: The Zionist Jewish lobby AIPAC acquires disproportional clout to their actual numbers in the society, and disproportionately influences law makers to favor Israel often to the detriment of the National Interests of America itself;

I.7: Intellectuals seed prejudicial and self-serving “doctrinal motivation” to lead the public into “imperial mobilization” the moment a pretext is available, by abusing academic freedom and freedom of speech to systematically orchestrate the maligning of a world's religion as boogiemen du jour to coerce the public into fighting a lifetime of wars against!

Developing a deeper understanding of these essential preconditions that has now led to this hijacking of America is the responsibility of every American who cares about their nation.

With the above preconditions becoming realized over a period of several decades, it was now only a matter of time before a tactical opportune moment for alignment became available. This is captured in the algorithm below to effectively counter “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”:

wait until

I.1: alignment of all branches of government

I.2: alignment of all international conditions with no viable challengers

I.3: assemble good team of hawks

I.4: claim exemption and immunity from prosecution for war crimes

I.5: acquire pretext: a new “Pearl Harbor”

I.6: media complies in creating fear – rally the public to fight the treacherous new “enemy”

I.7: pass new laws to suppress civil rights in anticipation of dissent by the courageous few

then go to war

I.8: control the images and contain dissent

I.9: continue making war

until done or when people wakeup

This is exactly what happened after the 2000 elections. Everything was ready to go when the 9-11 “Pearl Harbor” occurred. The rest is history – until the 2004 elections, and then the 2008 elections, and so on, unless something is radically changed. It is naive to believe that changing the front face in the White House will accomplish any meaningful change. Clinton pretty much carried out all of the foreign policies set into motion by George Bush Sr. for the 8 years he remained in the White House. Any Democrat winning over George W. Bush Jr. will carry on in the same vein until the next time the Republicans win. This is guaranteed. The power brokers support all faces and both parties – which often compete with each other in who can better represent the special interests funding them. This is no more apparent than in the Israeli and Jewish lobby relations with all power brokers in Washington – they are a truly bipartisan special interest group. The Democratic front runners whoever they turn out to be, will only promise cosmetic changes, and in reality will be as impotent to affect a change as anyone else enjoying institutional support from the military-industrial-Israeli complex. And if they did not enjoy this institutional support from the 1% elite of America, they will not become front runners. This is the untold tragedy of this American Democracy!

Just replacing the front face in the White House (although necessary), but not making structural reforms to the essential preconditions mentioned above will only postpone the re-realignment of these steps at a future time. The American public must insist from their elected officials to move in these directions of structural reforms with utmost urgency and alacrity in order to remain or become your representatives in the hallowed institutions of power. After all they represent you and always act in your name and on your behalf. All their wars, both overt and covert, and commissions of war crimes against humanity, are on your behalf. You cannot let that continue. Such is the responsibility for living in a democracy – the public can never fall asleep, for they are the ones who must ultimately and continually watch those in whom they vest the power to watch over them. In order to do so, the public must remain an informed citizenry – a task as important in the pursuit of the “American Dream”, as industriousness and hard work.

Perpetual vigilance is the price of democracy.

If there was no oil in the Middle East, would this “war on terrorism” still have been launched? Zbigniew Brzezinski would probably have no interest in the region if it did not further the American-Zionist Hegemony in some way. I don't believe that he harbors any ill will toward Muslims or Islam per se (unlike the mission of George Bush Jr. and his fanatic Evangelical Christian cohorts); it's all a chess game to him. Everyone is a pawn in his perception, including even the American people, on his Grand Chessboard. But from the Zionist point of view? They still want that land under the Muslim soil! And from the corporate globalization point of view? They still want those billions strong consumers and sources of cheap labor! And to be free from dictators? That would be setting a bad example for those they still want to enslave! Freedom can be contagious. Thus a new enabling pretext would have been found to propagate America's Hegemony in the World. The American public needs to remain mindful of the fundamentals that motivates this “war on terrorism” – the much coveted American imperialism in irreversible baby steps, while America can still can get away with it. It is oil today, it might be something else tomorrow, as evidenced by keeping North Korea on the back burner. They have yet to discover oil under the Korean peninsula.

Some final concluding observations are mandated on the irreversible baby steps, which few in America seem to comprehend today as faithful subjects of the American empire. As the history of Israel in Palestine has demonstrated, what has once been done, may not be undone. From the very fraudulent creation of Israel by alleging “a land without people, for a people without land”, to piece meal usurpation of more and more Palestinian lands through settlements created on land acquired during military occupation and war, the reality is becoming irreversible. As David Ben Gurion had shrewdly prognosticated: “What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”, Israel has deviously sown these irreversible seeds in small incremental steps during moments of tension and “revolutionary times”. The peace makers in the world who beseech Israel to come to the negotiating table do not seem to comprehend this reality: the Machiavellian tactics of take a little bit more, return a small portion of that to appease, then take some more, and repeat; the “taking some more” always occurring during “revolutionary times”. The only way for Israel to be brought to the negotiating table in earnest peace is when the Zionists have taken all the useful land they want, then they will throw back all the useless land they took just for this purpose – as they did with the return of the Sinai to an eternally grateful Egypt that now bows in subservience for this gift. This is the fate of Palestine. This is also the fate of all Arab countries from the Nile to the Euphrates – as Churchill had noted: the new colonialism of client-states in the post colonial world is far cheaper to maintain with far less headaches than overt occupation, and as Israel is finding out in the West Bank.

These irreversible baby steps are also plainly visible in Iraq. Since the demise of the Soviet Union and the end of World War III (Cold War label by James Woolsey), the hegemonist planning for Iraq was set in motion by George Bush Sr. This was part of the New World pecking Order in which America was envisioned as the top dog with first rights to all things valuable in the Universe. Other nations were assigned their rightful places in the pecking order, and so long as they didn't interfere with America's privilege to the choicest treasures, they could do whatever they wanted in their own backyards and spheres of influences. It took from 1990 to 2003 – a period of 13 years to realize the conquest of Iraq. Iraq had to be left intact after the First Gulf War because the pretext was liberation of Kuwait, the real reason however was to disarm the Iraqi dictator that George Bush Sr. had willfully armed to fight off Iran's Islamic revolution as the Vice President in Reagan administration. After Iran had been neutralized, the armed-to-the-teeth Iraq could threaten Israel and had to be disarmed first before its natural treasures could be harvested. But they had to keep the disarmed dictator in power over his own people until the proper play on the geostrategic Grand Chessboard emerged. This is why General Norman Schwarzkopf was really held back by George Bush Sr. even though the general had insisted that Baghdad was only at a stones throw and he could take all of Iraq in 1991. Knowing and understanding full well that sanctions only strangle civilians and only consolidate the power of dictators over their own people, America forced UN sanctions on Iraq to buy time.

Then George H. W. Bush Sr. was thrown out of office in 1992 for eight years. But that wasn't really a set back, only a minor delay. During this entire period, his worthy successor Bill Clinton kept up the policies already set in place by Bush Sr., in obedience to the Zionist lobby who are the major benefactors of the Democratic Party. Until the next opportune time, the return of the prodigal son, George Bush Jr. to the pulpit, President Clinton could no more rectify what George Bush Sr. had set in motion despite his popularity, than the successor of George Bush Jr. in the White House will be able to reverse what has now been set into motion in Iraq by Clinton's successor. This is a fact. Even if a new future President has all the right intentions, the overarching goals of the empire will tie his hands, as is evidenced by Clinton keeping on the Zionist barbarian Madeleine Albright as the Secretary of State, who stated that the death of 5000 innocent children per month in Iraq due to America's economic sanctions was: “we think the price is worth it” – always disingenuously maintaining that the stifling sanctions were to throw the CIA implanted dictator out of power. A Secretary of State of the most powerful nation on earth, made this public statement about innocent Muslim children. This contemporary fact of history, and the images of suffering Iraqi children documented in UN reports, may neither be forgotten, nor minimized, nor dismissed, and nor any of them brought back to life. While the buildings may be rebuilt, generations lost cannot. Many a hand is stained in their blood, no less red than the Holocaust victim's.

These are the irreversible baby steps that courageous historians in a hundred years will discover receipts for, and will write about how America and Israel attempted to extend their respective empires, just as today we see historians bravely write about how the (now vanquished) Her Majesty's Government and Mein Fuehrer extended their respective colonial and military empires through chicanery in their heyday. Who has not heard of the East India Company, and divide and conquer? In a hundred years, the American public schools might be teaching all about “false flag operations”, and the deception game Bush Sr. and Jr. played to conquer the world – and how they dismally failed! But writing and speaking this truth today in any voice that can be popularly heard, will only get its honest articulator calumny and discredit, if not outright elimination or incarceration in Guantanamo Bay as an “enemy combatant”. Truth, only when it does not and cannot matter, is the topos of the corporate controlled American Democracy today – the distinguished garb of the civilized barbarians.

This, all this, is the only reality behind the fiction of “war on terrorism”. Would you concur?

My humble appeal to the heart and commonsense of the American people

Wake up mainstream Americans before your hands are so stained in blood that all the oceans of the world will not wash it off nor “all the perfumes [oils] of Arabia sweeten it” for thou will be unable to remain “[willfully] innocent of the knowledge” and become thine own worst enemies. Take back America from the “Second Foundationers” before the country either implodes from the barbarism that She is allegedly fighting just as the Athenians succumbed to the traits of the Spartans, or explodes as the victims of the world will one day get together for “It will have blood, they say: blood will have blood”, said the master of human psychology and politics, William Shakespeare.

I do not believe that you are the type of people who will “be [willfully] innocent of the knowledge” once that knowledge comes to you, even if it means hardship and struggle. That has been the history of America, constant struggle to right the wrongs of the elite ruling class. While it is true that America is a dominant power today, who knows what tomorrow can bring. The innocent victims who have seen their parents, brothers, sisters, and children blown up in front of their very eyes as they screamed and yelled for help with the deafening anguish that only the sounds of innocence can carry, a “mystery whose parallel may only be the one of Sinai when something was revealed” that Elie Wiesel mourned, may one day find the means to exact their ounce of revenge in a manner no less grotesque than the one reigned on them in the guise of bringing democracy. Would you do otherwise if the shoe was on the other foot?

You can either continue to build a fortress around yourselves and become the prisoners of your own worst fears as your leaders continue to exploit others, or truly live in peace and openness in the amity of nations that your leaders always claim they are doing while they are out screwing the world and keeping you, the American public, in the dark. A society built around the worst fears of its members can only lead to a martial law based military police state of Orwellian proportions, because nothing short of it will give the illusion of complete security.

It is already happening in the Homeland Security state with centralization of all the previously distributed security functions under one umbrella for the first time in American history. Hitler did the same thing in 1936 for the first time in German history which had a much older pedigree. The Orwellian police state that America is headed for is not exactly the type of “1984” and “Animal Farm”, but close. You Americans will still have plenty of choices for TV channels and sports, music, food and clothing. What you will not have is the ability to think freely, to disagree openly – especially with the ruling elite, and raise new generations with critical thinking skills, enlightened scholarship, and valor. You will have all the freedoms of the body, but none of the mind. Even if you look around yourselves today, you can see that this is the goal that your ruling elite is herding you towards. While you can get your tongue pierced in a hundred different ways, and see promiscuous episodes of Friends 365 days a year, you cannot get a single dissenting point of view heard or seen on mainstream media.

People of America wake up!

Even if you dismiss the logic of this essay and claim for yourself the right to defend against 9/11: “Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, [infinite] justice will be done” in a “Crusade” of “Operation Infinite Justice”, recall that the misery you are imposing in doing so with your “algebra of infinite justice” on other innocent civilians across the planet for generations far beyond those whom America holds responsible, using munitions that keep on killing long after the battle is over, is being written down, in precise details, in the book of reckoning, “The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on” and no one can erase a word of it, reminds Omar Khayyam, the sage of the East.

We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth in defense of our great nation”, prays a CIA agent as his three CIA teams are about to launch into Afghanistan on Feb. 5, 2002 from Pakistan, writes Bob Woodward in “Bush at War”.

No one stays on top forever, and “[retributive] justice is [not just] the advantage of the stronger”, asserts Plato in his “Republic”.

America's own “MBA President” warns “Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war. And we know that God is not neutral between them”, in his address to Congress on September 21, 2001.

And Plato again trumps that by observing “Only the dead have seen the end of war”, for both the victims and their victimizers.

Is this what you Americans really want as you drape yourselves in red white and blue? Do you recall which one of your founding Presidents warned you ~“Beware of the false patriots who wrap themselves in the flag”?

You are no longer living on an isolated continent but are the denizens of a global imperial superpower – what your government does in your name, you must be held accountable for. To remain “innocent of knowledge” can only take you so far, before it will become labeled as “willful ignorance” and elicit a concomitant imprecation of posterity.

You are indeed far more accountable for the actions of your leaders whom you willingly choose and select, than those living in imposed dictatorships who did not get to choose or select their military juntas and various and sundry Mafioso wearing kingly and local uniforms reigning over them with your government's and West's active financial, military, and political support.

If you can gladly accept the indiscriminate “Shock and Awe” bombings of entire innocent populations for the ostensible sins of some of their tyrant leaders of your own government's creation, it is only fair that you should call for the US Air Force to also bomb American cities with the same “Shock and Awe” for the sins of your own leaders, the casualties of which is now at least an order of magnitude higher than what you suffered on 9/11, and immeasurable for the shattering of their tabula rasa and destruction of their heritage as old as human civilization. Moral consistency demands it.

The only escape from this conundrum is to realize that a) We should not bomb other people, or b) We are living in a far worse dictatorship hence we are not accountable for the sins of our rulers – or as Chomsky would say it, that we in America are terribly “indoctrinated”. Any unhypocritical decent human being can only come to one of these two logical deductions, provided they become aware of the sins of their leaders. Our leaders want to ensure that we will not reach either of these two conscionable conclusions. Hence they allow the public to “believe anything – but to know nothing”. Will thee not see this?

Do you not see your nakedness as you cheer your successes that are borne of few casualties to your own soldiers but devastate the other side as you debate whether or not to go to the next war of conquest? The question of right or wrong never occurs to you, outside of the parameters of your own casualties – it's wrong if the cost is too much, right if you don't see body bags? It's only wrong to do if it is found out, but okay if it isn't?

Do you not see the extortion racket: install a stupid and brutal dictator as a pawn on a grand chessboard, after he has served his ugly purpose and a newer grander chessboard has emerged, destroy his nation and its infrastructure using the fact that he is a brutal dictator, but still keep him in power because the chessboard isn't fully developed yet, then 13 years later when realization is practicable, again using the pretext of saving his oppressed people from his tyranny, invade and occupy the country, plunder their wealth, install a new dictator, and repeat!

A clash of civilizations, or good old fashioned colonialism dressed in American Levi's? What do you think your founding fathers were fighting when they threw all that perfectly good tea overboard? What were George Washington and Patrick Henry when they argued “no taxation without representation” and “liberty or death”? Terrorists “who hate[d] freedom”? The British surely must have thought so.

Do you not see who is financing this “war on terrorism”? Two million jobs have been lost in America. Its economy is trillions of dollars in debt. Its social spending is down to all time lows. In 2002, various states cut social spending for public services, education, and welfare to the tune of $49 billion, and this year (2003), they are expected to cut another $25 billion, for a total of $74 billion. And George Bush got $80 billion approved from Congress to expand empire, of which it gave $9 billion to Israel which already has one of the highest per capita income of any developed country and the best social services for its Jewish denizens and settlers. Who is paying for this empire and its funding of Israel with social spending cuts? The few percent wealthy who own most of America's wealth, or the vast majority of the American population?

Who serves in the military to fight for this empire? In this all volunteer army, only one member from both the house and senate has a child in the military. How many CEOs and corporate executives have their kids serving in Iraq? While voluntary, the military is a draft for the poor who see it as their only opportunity for employment, education, and getting ahead in life. The poor, the minorities, the Latinos, the Blacks, and the lower income class are the ones fighting for America's predominant white corporations.

And who is benefiting from all the reconstruction projects in Iraq slated to be of the order of $100 billion dollars, but probably more? Those fighting for it or their masters? Who is experiencing the tax cuts benefit, massive layoffs, diminishing medical benefits, even further reduced veterans benefits? You or the military-industrial corporations?

Did the British label the American revolt against them with any other label but terrorism? For them too, it was a clash of civilizations! Even when it was them who burned down the White House and the American Capital. And now they are your best of friends!

Do you ever ponder on this alliance between your country and England? Is it only because you saved England from Hitler? Or is it perhaps because all the wolves are rallying around the top dog for their share of the night's frenzied kill? An empire reminisced? A new empire to beget on the backs of the new global superpower?

Do you ever ponder an entire world united against America? And all for what – to fill the coffers of the military-industrial complex and the <0.1%>


But for now, while we intellectualize and philosophize, and write essays and exposés to point out the large motes in one's own eyes, the good and kindly mainstream people in these United States continue to rise and sing hail to the chief every time he comes on TV, while the 'fictitious' war on terror goes on, one Muslim life at a time – quite democratically too – men women children young and old alike are equally delivered death and misery – we can't use democracy at home, but at least we can let them have it. And the American flags go up on the far and remote oil wells of the world, its dominance reaching almost every corner of the globe. And where its dominance is still not complete, the place is made part of the axis of evil, and inducted in the battle plan for the next wars of conquest.



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