Thanks to the friends and well-wishers who agreed to plow through earlier versions of this manuscript. To Linda Sherif of AA-ADC, and Riva Enteen of NLG for their quick perusal, valuable comments, and moral support. To Physician Dr. Kamyar Hedayat for spending hours reading the book the very day I gave it to him despite his busy physician's schedule and for his invaluable encouragement and moral support. To my courageous attorney Dan Mayfield for his generous good will, guidance, and wisdom. To my American friends and colleagues who I used as a focus-group to gauge American public reaction and gleaned valuable insights from their quick feedback on some of the material, and they shall remain anonymous. To my close friends who set time out to favor me once again with their friendship and read through my writings, and they shall remain anonymous too. To my retired American neighbor friend who came up to me after 9/11 and offered to speak on my behalf at any time if anyone hassled me just because I am a Muslim.

Many thanks to the distinguished American historian Howard Zinn who honored me with encouragement and review of the manuscript twice, and also very generously wrote me a letter to give to publishers. Although I have never met him or formally had him as a teacher in the classroom, his courageous books and speeches have taught me a great deal.

Thanks to my wife and children for supporting and tolerating me through the intense absorption of writing this book; my wife who stayed up late hours with me to read the ink I was spewing all over the floor, for her constant encouragement to speak the truth, and her courageous and spirited defense when the Homeland Security agents had come knocking at our home; my lovely and amazing young children who proof read pages after pages and made invaluable suggestions for organizing the material into a book. They marched with me hand in hand in the antiwar protests and were dismayed at its impotency and the supposed 'empowerment' of Western peoples when the bombs still fell.

Finally, to the two FBI agents who politely left after I declined to talk to them, and the two Homeland Security agents who tolerated my taking a stand at my front door. I have nothing against them, only their badges which had given them powers to do pretty much anything they wanted, but they did not let these go to their heads. I owe them my first expression of dissent and freedom from my own invisible chains, as much as I hope that they too will endeavor to free themselves and escape from their own cave.

As is customary to state, despite the review of friends and well-wishers, any errors are my own, and I am solely responsible for all positions taken.


The Plebeian antidote to Hectoring Hegemons

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